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— [ DEV Notes ] —

cheat codes for sniper furySniper Fury is to other combat games as Asphalt 8: Airborne is to other racing games. It has fantastic, console level graphics that sets it apart from other games of this genre. Gameplay is challenging and with over 130 missions and the player vs. player modes, Sniper Fury will keep you busy for some time.Is there great weapon variety to at least try and make up for all of the nonsense in the game? Unfortunately, no! All of guns you end up using do look alike. There are very subtle differences between them and to add to the already painful situation- you won’t be able to unlock them all. This is how things are laid out- the first weapon you will receive free of charge, afterwards the next two are going to require rubies (ingame currency), then the forth one is obtainable after some serious grinding. The fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth are locked out of reach too because of the amount of rubies they want. Last but not least the seventh gun is also possible to unlock with serious investment into the game. So, only three weapons of each class are going to be at your disposable. Do consider it took me two days to acquire a single gun and that is with the bonuses I got each day for signing into the game. It isn’t worth it. Another issue I have with the IAP is that they are beyond what a normal fully developed console game would cost (usually console games are more expensive than their PC variants). The smallest amount you can acquire is 5 euro and it won’t get you what you want. If you want some serious firepower that would last you the entire duration of the game, then an investment of at least 20 euro is needed (that being to purchase a single rifle, if you want to finish the side jobs too- then you need both a new sniper and assault rifle). At this point I will have to mention something about the story in Gameloft’s latest release. The narrative is there; it is just that the game can do without it. “You are a sniper who likes to get his hands dirty” (direct quote from Sniper Fury’s beginning). The sniper, who’s name I didn’t learn, is assigned to work for Cellstike, that is some sort of organization with the job to kill people. Is it authorized by any government, is it a special unit of some sorts, is it a rogue agency? I couldn’t tell you because Gameloft didn’t bother writing it into their product.Gameloft states that Sniper Fury is geared towards a wider audience than any other title they have done before. I am not exactly sure what they mean. I can’t see puzzle match and words with friends only players grabbing a sniper riffle to save the world, but who knows. If you pre-register for the title Gameloft will be dishing out some perks to you upon launch. Things like additional spotter uses, slow time, piercing bullets, elite battlepack and a gold alloy exoframe sniper riffle. I like free extra stuff, don’t you? I assume the title will launch as a freemium game with in-app purchases to get the largest audience adoption. I could be wrong, either way, Sniper Fury is set land for iOS, Android and Windows Phones on December 3rd.