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— [ DEV Notes ] —

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The cheat is controlled from a convenient menu that you can open on the Insert key. Unfortunately, you can not make the activation of cheats by pressing the keys, which is probably the only and main drawback. But with this functionality for free, does it matter?
Relevance of the cheat
At the time of writing (July 15, 2019), the cheat is actively updated by one person and use it relatively safely. Since this is a free cheat, no one guarantees you eternal support, so use it as long as someone has the desire to support it. To always have the latest version of the cheat, stay tuned to our VK group.
How to use
Download the archive with cheat and unzip the folder from the archive in any convenient location.
Start CS:GO.
Start csgoinjector.exe as administrator.
In the opened console write Cheat CS GO.dll and press Enter.
Injector console for Cheat CS GO cheat
This is done. The game should appear here such here a window. If it is, cheat successfully sinectica.
Window informing about successful injection Chita Cheat CS GO
Now, when you click Insert, you will open the cheat menu, in which you will turn on, turn off and do all the settings for cheats. The menu is also closed on Insert.
As I wrote, the cheat has an infinite number of functions and settings. If you are familiar with all the thematic terms, you can familiarize yourself with most of the features in this screenshot.
Screenshot with all the functionality of the Cheat CS GO cheat
Since most people know what they want from the cheat, I will not describe in detail each function. However, if you have any questions about the functionality, ask it in the comments. If there is a lot of questions, I will do a detailed overview on all functions.
ESP is one of the two wallhacks in Chita. ESP will circle players in this way. What kind of stroke you want you can fully customize.
Demonstration of ESP in Cheat CS GO cheat
Glow – the second kind of BX in Chita. Glow just illuminates the model and this light can be seen through the walls.
Chams – similar to Glow, but made just for better visibility of players. Through walls in sight nothing not will.
Visuals – visual cheats and tweaks graphics. Here you can turn off the display of flash drives, smoke. Also, for example, here you can disable graphic Post-FX. Don’t know if it will help with performance, but disable this feature.
Misc – menu with cheats that do not fit any other category. Here you will find Bunny hop, auto reload, auto switch to the gun, animated clan tag, autoscrap…
How to enable cheats
Open the main menu of the cheat on Insert. Select the menu you are interested in from the top. The main cheats menu will have the checkbox Enabled – click on it to activate the cheat.
For some cheats, such as aimbot or triggerbot, it is also necessary to set the activation key, so that they do not work by themselves. To do this, click on the checkbox On key, point to [ key ] and click on the key you want to activate the cheat in the game. After this setting, the cheat will only be triggered if the installed key is pressed.
How to use skinchanger
Open the main menu of the cheat by pressing Insert. In the list at the top click on the Skin changer, you should get a menu skinchanger.
Screenshot menu skinchanger Cheat CS GO in Chita for CS:GO
In the very first drop-down list, select the weapon you are interested in.
In the drop-down menu of Paint Kit, select the skin you are interested in.
Optionally, you can add stickers. Highlight the sticker slot on the top right, then select the sticker in the Sticker Kit.

Download Cheat CS Go –

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